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This Is My Story

My name is Mylene, the owner of MJBEAUTY. I am a happily married, blessed mother of two beautiful girls, and a Cali girl at heart living in the desert of AZ. When away from the studio, I’m either working out, cooking, crafting, spending time with family, or hanging out with friends. I’ve always had a lot of energy managing multiple things, but this year, I’ve discovered value in truly living and finding my purpose. 


I am an educator, aesthetic injector and registered nurse professional with nearly ten years of experience in the healthcare profession. My specialty is pediatrics in the emergency/critical care in a trauma hospital. ER nurses are typically known to have high skill levels while performing numerous tasks (aka “Jacks of All Trades”), while functioning with a sense of urgency at all times. It’s grueling on the mind and body, and after many years, can take a toll on one’s spirit. I have found that both my mental and physical health were always priority in order to deliver excellent patient care.

As a Beauty Nurse, I have created a space for all thing’s beauty, utilizing my skills to connect women and build a community that serves as a place for growth and to empower others to invest in themselves.



I create the opportunity for women to save precious time by enhancing their outer beauty through a needle, while cultivating the essence of their inner beauty.


I never want to stop learning, growing, and creating impactful connections. I’m addicted to the feeling of helping others and unlocking great things along the way. As a nurse professional, woman, mother and friend I'm excited to meet you and am honored to help!

Always in ALL WAYS,

Mylene RN, BSN

MJ Your Beauty Nurse

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