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Helping you age gracefully and gratefully. Let's turn back the clock!



Mylene started MJ Beauty RN with a vision to grow her knowledge of all things beautiful. She knew she wanted to leave the bedside as a nurse while still serving others using her natural passion and abilities. She truly enjoy instilling confidence in others and it brings her joy to be a part of one's inner and outer transformations. 

What started off as a simple vision has manifested into a growing community of women that represent positivity, showing up as your authentic self and balance. She is a beauty provider that integrates years of experience in healthcare as a registered nurse WITH her love for beauty. Naturally, her skills as a nurse will never leave her as she feels that women are natural nurturers but rather it has just been repackaged as she cultivated her creative side of having an eye for beauty in both science and art. Through every relationship from every patient, she seek to instill confidence and harmony with facial balancing and utilizing the modern world of aesthetics to empower

We invite you to become a part of this community as we embark on a journey of self development, self care and most importantly, self love. 

Xoxo, MJBeautyRN


I recently visited MJ Beauty RN for my first experience with Botox. I wasn’t sure what to expect; so, I was rather anxious, but Mylene quickly put me at ease. Mylene possesses wonderful energy and shares her talent and knowledge in a lovely, calming space....
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